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pk10最牛稳赚模式4码:Base analysis: Anxin value selected stocks

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内容摘要:Shun Value Selection Stock 000577 7 _ 89456 _ 8 _ 65473 _ 91, the second half of 2018, fund manager outlook1) on the stock market point of v...

Shun Value Selection Stock 000577


7 _ 89456 _ 8 _ 65473 _ 91, the second half of 2018, fund manager outlook

1) on the stock market point of view and outlook:

Anxin Ji Kim think the market will continue to maintain market shocks. At present, China's macroeconomic resilience is strong, and the probability of economic stall in the overall market is not large. Under the background of de-leverage, the probability of the overall monetary policy appearing to be fully relaxed is not large. Therefore, the overall judgment will continue to maintain the market in the second half of the year.

2) Optimistic industry and reasons

food and beverage , light industry manufacturing, pharmaceutical biology, chemical, electronics. The Essence Fund believes that outstanding companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer, technology, and manufacturing sectors will be able to obtain excess returns in the long run. Therefore, in the second half of 2018, they will continue to explore long-term investment opportunities for high-quality stocks.

3) Fund investment and stock picking strategy.

In the second half of 2018, the A-share market will increase in volatility, and the strategic effect of clearing the value and deepening individual stocks will become more apparent. Anxin still adheres to the investment strategy of “choose a cheap and good company”, adheres to the bottom-up stock picking idea, selects a good company with excellent fundamentals and significant competitive advantages, and has a significant underestimation of the market's buying strategy.

4) Overview of fund manager investment style.

Fund Manager Chen Yifeng: The core idea of ??investment is “choose a cheap and good company”. He pays attention to wide-based stock picking: covering the whole industry, stock stocks have both breadth and depth; at the same time, he attaches great importance to research: the research workload is amazing, the key companies are repeatedly researching; the timing is reduced: the major timing profit opportunities appear to average 1-2 years. once.


2, past performance

Shun Value Selection made a cumulative return of 155.70% in the establishment of four years, far more than the broader market. In the past four years, Shun net worth Featured steady growth, the growth rate higher than the market, since the establishment of similar rank fourth, but by the broader market impact, low ranking in recent months.

Figure 1, Shun Value Selection performance charts


(Source: East Fortune choice data)

chart 2, fund performance and ranking

recent January recent March recent June nearly a year nearly 2 since nearly three years established
Fund -12.91 -11.28-14.990.4733.841.74155.7
CSI 300-13.08-13.29-19.24-8.674.21-13.9952.81
similar ranking 276 / 319170 / 306136 / 28270 / 23511 / 1755 / 1217_89456_132_6 5473_94 / 323

(Source: Oriental Fortune choice data )


asset allocation of the Fund for the general equity funds, portfolio mainly concentrated in the stock of assets, to gross ratio was 91.98%, higher than the same accounting More than 84.80%. The cash held by the Fund accounted for 6.03% of the total value, which was 10.66% lower than the similar proportion. The Fund does not hold bonds and fund assets. In terms of industry distribution, the Fund mainly allocates assets in the manufacturing and financial sectors, accounting for 56.99% and 14.53%, respectively. From the perspective of Awkwardness stocks, the Fund holds 53% of the large-cap value stocks and 47% of the large-cap growth stocks, reflecting the shareholding style of the selected large-cap stocks of the Fund.

Exhibit 3, heavily loaded sector allocation (total net fund ratio)


(Source: Oriental Fortune choice data)

chart 4, Awkwardness ticket configuration (total fund net worth ratio)


(Source: Oriental Fortune choice data)

Disclaimer: this report is

day fund research network based on public information released does not constitute investment advice. Investors pursuant to operate your own risk. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious.





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